Monday, August 10, 2009


最近传文佛教得了'世界最好的宗教奖09'. 这个奖有人说是真的, 有人说是假的. 我也怀疑因为我没有听到佛教的大乘, 小乘和金刚乘的欢呼声? 大德们也没有兴高彩烈的自豪.

我在想, 佛在世会什么样处理这个奖? 报告也说这个颁奖的团体 (ICARUS) 联络了几个佛教的团体. ICARUS也说没有佛教团体肯接这个奖. Ha.a.a...要是我也不接. 明明是个陷阱! 为什么不找 Dalai Lama? 骗局就是骗局. 承认了这个奖不是开门见山的和别的宗教对上了吗?

在一些国家, 佛教徒会被别的宗教追杀. 另外其他的宗教会说–看看西藏, 缅佃, 泰国–不是人民, 出家人和官方对上了吗? ICARUS 是凭什么规则断定佛教是最好的? ICARUS 也列出一些不同宗教人士的名字...他们是谁? 代表谁? 凭什么站出来点明佛教是世界最好, 比自己的宗教还好!? 其实本来就没有 ICARUS 这个组织.

朋友说要是这个奖是真的, 那就是说我们修的如法.

1) 佛, 会要这个奖吗? 他都说'空'性.
2) 佛教需要肯定吗?
3) 有些佛教徒会自喜. '心' 被带走了, 掉进陷阱里.
4) 佛教会比
5) 我比较在乎众生的安全.
6) 佛, 教我们修自己. 个人修发不同. 时时要看着自己的心.
7) 五戒, 十善, 菩萨道…是修自己的戒, 定, 慧 – 就凭一个虚奖就肯定我们是修的如法?

我是差十万八千理哪! 比我默默修的师兄比比皆是, 不感说我修的如法. Ohm Mani Padme Hum…的修.

我在这发表这看法不是针对谁. 只希望众生不要让这些 '空' 话而心花怒放. "心经" 云 ... 一切是空. 莲也是空!

我建议以后收到这些无聊的 email, 最好是把他删除掉. 不要让他扰乱众生!



Robin said...

Over the last few days I have received about 35 messages, mainly from friends and acquaintances but also from a few people unknown to me, informing me that Buddhism has been voted the best religion in the world.

I opened the first of these messages which had a link which I didn’t bother to open. I deleted all the other messages without opening. It must be the way I was bought up or something, but my first reaction of hearing this news was to think ‘By who?’ and my second was ‘Best for what?’ To me a statement like ‘Buddhism is the best religion in the world’ is on a par with statements like ‘Men smoke Drum’, ‘Prayer never fails’ or ‘Choice of a new generation’, i.e. it’s meaningless. And even if it were made as a result of a survey of religious leaders (and I couldn’t imagine Islamic, Jewish, Hindu or Christian leaders voting for such an idea.

After all, if they believed that, they wouldn’t be Muslims, Jews, Hindus or Christians) it wouldn’t particularly move me one way or another. I’m a Buddhist because I have found the Dhamma to be a complete, humane, convincing and practical philosophy of life that suits my disposition and needs perfectly, not because it won a straw poll. And even if 500 Nobel Prize winners voted it the worst religion in the world that wouldn’t shake my conviction one millimetre.

This morning I received two messages headed ‘Buddhism Best A Hoax’ and these I did open and read and got the full story. Apparently, this ‘Buddhism is Best’ claim was supposedly issued by a ‘Geneva-based’ organization called the International Coalition for the Advancement of Religion and Spirituality. God! A name like that should have been enough to make anyone suspicious. You know the old adage ‘the bigger the name the smaller the group’. And if not that, then ‘Geneva-based’. Geneva? Isn’t that where all those shady banks operate out of? So now the word on the street is that the ICARS doesn’t exits, that no vote was taken and that the whole thing is a hoax.

I wonder how many Buddhists got caught out?

lian莲 said...

Ha.a.a. it's a hoax. My conviction is as unshakable. Be it the worst, I found my truth. I don't need an award winning Oscar, is that right? I will never believe there are people with big enough hearts to stand up while representing their own religion by saying another religion is better than theirs!

Another thing, NO actions of any monks that is being condemed by law or by men, shake my faith as well. I stand firmed in my believe. Right is right, wrong is wrong, punishment is punishment, Karma is individual. SO no need to add salt to the wounds.

Like I said, I hope such email are not circluated because one is carried away. STOP and think...what is our Teaching.


Tom said...

Lots of reading to catch up. Back for holidays and will be leaving tonight. I enjoyed National Day. Nothing like Singapore.

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