Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson...

今天打开 Yahoo 突然看见新闻报道 - Michael Jackson 过世了. 一代歌/舞王就因为心脏衰竭走了. 享年50岁.

我是听Michael Jackson的歌长大的. 他是个天才音乐家. 从小时候的Jackson 5, 他的一曲Ben风靡一时. 他的唱片 "Thriller", "Bad", "Dangerous" ... 都是我喜欢的. 他也发明了 "Moon Walk" 舞蹈 ... 这舞蹈很sexy, 需要很灵敏的脚步才能跳的好看. 他的 signature ... 3/4 长裤, 白色手套, 白袜子, 亮亮的黑鞋子和掩盖了脸庞的冒子 ... 现在不再了.

Michael的童年并不快乐. 生为 "黑" 人, 皮肤成为他的遗憾. 他漂白皮肤, 整容 ... 尽量让自己在这个以皮肤衡量人等级的美国 ... 不被排除为另类.

近几年Michael面临官司的苦恼. 他的事业也走下坡...相信这些都让他心力交瘁吧. 好惋惜哦! 世界的 "份希" 都会为他哀悼 ... 我也是. 人死 ... 一切对, 错, 好, 坏..也应该休止了!

Michael ... 安息吧. 你曾经活的精彩 ... 你是一颗最最闪亮的星星. 人们会记得你 ... 也不会有人能超越你的成绩!

这里和您分享群星一起唱的 "We are the World" ... 这首歌是Michael Jackson 和 Lionel Richie为非洲饥饿的孩子们筹款而写的.


Robin said...

A singer, because his song was heard in some stage of one's life, suddenly made him a familiar person, as if a friend, as if an idol, as if a king, as if he is part of the "growing up" process.

I was never a fan, so to me, he is just another person who died yesterday.

May he, and all who died, rest in peace.

Lian莲 said...

I am glad, that the news of Michael's death has sunk in. His is loved after all. At least there will be someone, Eliz T, Diana R and those who knows him by his songs.

I supposed he is not a royalty in Blood, but he is the King of Pop. I am glad I grew up with his songs, it was sudden, it attracted, it appealed and he dared to be different. I am a rebel.

Tom said...

I saw the news too. Many will mourn the King of Pop. Acutally all the scandles around him cannot earse his contribution to the music industry.

May he rest in peace. God Bless.

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